Get information about transportation and mobility.

Pedestrian Safety – Safety tips for walkers

Transportation Resources – Information about Driver Safety Programs

Staying behind the wheel – Measures for Staying behind the wheel

Transportation Fact Sheets – A series of fact sheets on transportation topics and issues for elder drivers.

Florida’s Silver Alert Plan – A Safety net for some of our most vulnerable seniors

Silver Alert – Senior Transportation Resources – Transportation resources for elder drivers.

Silver Alert – Suggestions for Caregivers

Volunteers in Motion – program that helps seniors live independently by offering life sustaining transportation to medical appointments, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

Senior Road Safety – how to be an independent driver as long as possible, how to approach a conversation with someone you think should stop driving, how to get around without a car, and general driver tips.

Elderly Drivers Checklist – lists warning signs (behavioral and medical) so you can use this to assess whether or not you should have that “talk” with your loved one about giving up the keys, and it has some tips too.